Monday, March 30, 2015

The Return of the Cubs

As a Cardinals fan it both excites, and pains me to say that the Chicago Cubs are quickly on their way back to being contenders in the NL Central.

It has been many years since the Cubs, and their fans, have been a part of a playoff game located inside the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. Luckily the times may soon be changing. With the #1 ranked farm system in baseball, and MLB's #1 prospect, Kris Bryant, the Cubs are not that far away from once again being a team that finds themselves playing deep into the month of October.

The friendly rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals is one that I have enjoyed watching in my years of being a baseball fan. In the early 2000's the dominate Cubs and Cardinals battled and bruised each other throughout the regular season, both always making a strong surge for a playoff spot. While the present day rivalry is still fun to watch, the lack of playoff promise that the Cubs have had in previous years makes it not have that same feeling that those games used to have. With the upcoming stars of the Chicago Cubs that will soon find themselves in the MLB in less than a month, that rivalry will once again flourish as these two teams will undoubtedly put on a show every time they meet this season, and many seasons to come.


  1. I totally agree with your sentiment of excitement and pain at the thought of the comeback of the Cubs. Their improvement will strengthen the division even more and help all the teams improve. However, I feel like we cannot wish the Cubs too much success as that would be terribly disloyal as a Cardinals fan.

  2. To be really honest, the Cubs have been so irrelevant for so long, that I know I'm supposed to feel animosity towards them but I find it difficult. I dislike the Dodgers much more than I dislike the Cubs.

  3. Very articulate speculation on this, Jake. Rivalry and competition are things that always keep things more interesting, but also provide some sort of anxiety on behalf of the fans, since the ending becomes less and less predictable.

  4. The rivalry will never flourish in advantage of the Cubs! Completely useless by Septemeber, FOREVER!