Friday, February 27, 2015

Josh Hamilton Relapses

Josh Hamilton has once again fallen to his inner demons, hopefully he can once again bounce back. Former first round pick had troubles in years past with drugs and alcohol forcing him to drop out of the game of baseball for some time. Against all odds, while in the darkest corner of his life, he fought back and got into the league. He is now a prominent player and an incredible talent. Josh Hamilton has shown the nation how strong he is to overcome his drug and alcohol addiction of the past. Now the question remains, will he be able to do that again? Earlier this week Hamilton turned himself into MLB officials, saying that he had relapsed on alcohol and cocaine. Hamilton has had recent injuries that have led to lack of success and pain. The silver lining in this story is that he turned himself in and has realized his problems. As a fan of not only his abilities, but his character, I can only hope that Hamilton can fight past his problems once again and get back onto the baseball field. For a guy that has gone through hell and back, you can only hope for the best. It is still unknown what actions the league will take on behalf of Hamilton's breaking of the drug policy.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Spring Training

Yesterday players reported to Spring Training for the upcoming 2015 season. While the process of getting ready for the season is a routine every year, there are a lot of changes for teams this year especially.
The biggest change for Spring Training is that for the first time in 20 years, the Yankees enter training without Derek Jeter. Along with this change of the face of the franchise going on, the Yankees are also building towards a rebound year after a disappointing season last year, that resulted in an absence from the playoffs. With players healthy and ready for a return to the top of the AL East, the spring is the first big step the Yankees must make.
There are a lot of changes however for a new and improved Padres team. With the addition of a large amount of big name players, including an entirely new outfield that features Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, and Justin Upton, the Padres are making a push this season for a playoff spot. The talent is there, the spring will bring time for the players to come together as a team. Hopefully for the Padres the talent comes together and produces a team that contend for a playoff spot.
A new face is also in the presence of the St. Louis Cardinals who are a consistent playoff team. Jason Heyward will be the new Right Fielder for the Cardinals who are hoping his speed, bat, and glove,  will spark the team and propel them into not only another playoff run, but one ending with a championship this year.
Overall, Spring Training brings a lot of new opportunities to teams, and in divisions with a lot of questions on who will come out on top, the journey begins now.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Banning Defensive Shifts in Basball

The new commissioner in the MLB, Rob Manfred, could lead to new changes in the game that has seen very little change throughout time. Throughout its years baseball has clung to its historic ways, remaining true to the way the game has always been played. That is one of the major appeals of the game, its ability to withstand time and cling to its legendary history. The heroes of the past played the same game the rookies of today play. With that being said, Rob Manfred has recently said that he is thinking about banning shifts in baseball. Placing restrictive rules on a game that has succeeded with its simplistic rules for many years. Not only is the idea of changing the game so drastically a fear, but in the ways that he would do so is a whole another level of fear as a fan. Will he regulate where each position player must stand? Will there be a square that they can't leave until the ball is hit? It baffles me that such an idea could be placed into the historic game of baseball. If something like restricting managerial decisions on shifts will be taken out of the game, what is the next thing that will be taken from MLB baseball in an attempt to change a game that simply does not need to be changed? As fans of the game I am curious to hear your thoughts as well. If it occurs, will it be a positive or negative change for baseball?