Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Power Rankings

We have completed the first two weeks of the season. It has been an exciting two weeks and sets us up for an explosive summer of baseball and playoff contending teams fighting it out to the finish. I have composed a list of my top 3 teams up to this point in the season.

1. Detroit Tigers

Entering the third week of play, the Tigers led all of baseball with the best record of 10-2. Their pitching staff led by ace David Price is packed with talent throughout their entire rotation. But, in my opinion, their pitching isn't even the most terrifying part about facing the Tigers. That would have to be their explosive lineup. With players such as Kinsler, Martinez, Cabrera, and Cespedes, there is not a part of the lineup that I would feel safe pitching to.
2. St. Louis Cardinals
Led by the best overall starting pitching ERA in baseball, the Cardinals are at the head of a competitive NL Central division entering week 3. The biggest questions that lingered about the Cardinals were their bench depth and if the starting pitching would be strong enough. Well, to this point, the starting pitching has proved itself. With a lineup of Carpenter, Heyward, Holliday, Adams, and Molina, the Cardinals are a force to be reckoned with in the NL this year.
3. Kansas City Royals
Another team in the AL Central, along with the Tigers, enter my top 3 power rankings. The Royals who are a young and hungry team picked up where they left off last season. Beginning the season 9-3 on the backs of Hosmer, Gordan, and Perez. The biggest battle for the Royals this year will be to beat out the Tigers for first place in the division. It will surely be an exciting ride in the AL Central this season.


  1. I'm not much a follower of baseball until post season gets closer, but I like the power rankings idea. Maybe it is something you could keep up with for the rest of baseball season.

  2. *pumps fist* It's good to know that the Cardinals still have an edge. I'm looking forward to hearing more as the season continues.

  3. No surprise that the Cardinals are lookin' good this year! ;)
    I don't follow baseball as closely as I should, but I'm always comforted knowing that the Cardinals are my team.

  4. Are you going to move the Cardinals down now that Waino is out for the year with the Achilles injury, or do you think our young pitchers can pull us through unscathed ?