Friday, February 20, 2015

Spring Training

Yesterday players reported to Spring Training for the upcoming 2015 season. While the process of getting ready for the season is a routine every year, there are a lot of changes for teams this year especially.
The biggest change for Spring Training is that for the first time in 20 years, the Yankees enter training without Derek Jeter. Along with this change of the face of the franchise going on, the Yankees are also building towards a rebound year after a disappointing season last year, that resulted in an absence from the playoffs. With players healthy and ready for a return to the top of the AL East, the spring is the first big step the Yankees must make.
There are a lot of changes however for a new and improved Padres team. With the addition of a large amount of big name players, including an entirely new outfield that features Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, and Justin Upton, the Padres are making a push this season for a playoff spot. The talent is there, the spring will bring time for the players to come together as a team. Hopefully for the Padres the talent comes together and produces a team that contend for a playoff spot.
A new face is also in the presence of the St. Louis Cardinals who are a consistent playoff team. Jason Heyward will be the new Right Fielder for the Cardinals who are hoping his speed, bat, and glove,  will spark the team and propel them into not only another playoff run, but one ending with a championship this year.
Overall, Spring Training brings a lot of new opportunities to teams, and in divisions with a lot of questions on who will come out on top, the journey begins now.


  1. This is a great update of spring break and new additions to the teams. I know I can't wait until the season starts in a few months! I'm curious, how is the Royals' spring training going, and how do you think they will do this season?

  2. I love the addition of Heyward to the Cardinal's outfield. If you had to rank the addition of Heyward on a scale of 1-10, in terms of how much it will help the team, what would you say?

  3. Maria I think the Royals will have another promising season. They have a lot of talent and after last season's success, the players now see that a championship is possible. I am very excited to see if they will have the same success as last year after losing one of their better pitchers to free agency.

  4. Alex, I would say that the addition of Heyward is a 7 or an 8 out of 10. He brings experience and instant impact into the right field position. He also brings speed that the cardinals lack in their starting lineup. Other than Kolten Wong, and now Heyward, they really do not have many base stealers. He appears to be the type of player that fits well into the Cardinals mold. However, the Cardinals have lacked homerun numbers in the past couple of years, and I do not think Heyward will bring those totals up to much. I love the addition of Heyward, but that would be the only downfall. He will definitely bring an impact to the team.

  5. I am certainly interested in watching the blog evolve as I will admit utter ignorance towards sports stuff. The trading back and forth of people certainly seems like strategic moves, but it's all greek to me.

  6. Nice summary of Spring Training! And don't worry, the cardinals will have a winning season for sure!